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Choosing the Right Promotional Products Made Easy

With thousands of promotional products available it can get confusing sorting through all the options. That's why Promo10 has gone through all the product catalogues and chosen the ten best options in every promotional catalogue. Not only are the product options chosen because they are popular, great value and proven to be effective but with the FREE METRO FREIGHT and FREE DESIGN SERVICE the quality and value of your order is even better. Many of the products available on this website also include full colour custom branding where most of our competitors only offer a single colour print as standard. Call us now on 1300 998 997 to get the lowdown on the Promo10 promotional product difference!

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Why Promotional Products Work

These days a lot of business communication is impersonal. Emails, text messages and online ordering has taken the place of old style face to face business dealings. Instead of meeting face to face these days people stare at a computer screen and rarely meet the people with whom they do business. This is one of the main reasons promotional products marketing is an essential part of the marketing activity of every company and organisation. Promotional merchandise gifted to clients and business contacts is a form of personal contact which creates a genuine, tangible link between you and the people you deal with. While traffic from search engines and general media advertising is more important than ever to generate new leads and sales enquiries maintaining those relationships in an impersonal business world can be more difficult. Offering people branded promotional products not only creates a point of contact, it enhances relationships and reinforces brand recognition. International research on promotional advertising confirm that those people who receive a branded gift remember who it came from and maintain positive opinions of those people for years to come so much so that the motivational impact of the branded merchandise they receive leads to a higher return on their marketing investment than any other form of brand promotion.

Here are some of the main reason companies choose promotional products as a way to maintain their sales, market share and relationships with their clients

Premium Based Marketing: If you offer a gift with purchase or a bundled incentive the apparent value of your offer increases. Not only do consumers see that your gift with purchase has value which enhances the retail offer you've made, in the longer term you've also introduced another item branded with your logo and message into the daily lives of your customers.

Reward Staff & Contacts: It's easy to overlook staff and in tough economic times it's often difficult to reward them financially with regular pay rises and incentives. Promotional products can help in this situation as custom branded or designed items are a great way to say "thank you" to hard working staff without blowing the company budgets. A regular program of promotional gifting can build teams and offer incentives which amount to values far beyond the initial financial outlay

Exclusivity, Turn Your Brand Into a Fashion Accessory: It's not just clothing labels and exclusive brands which can trade on their fashionable value. The right logo or design on the right promotional item can enhance the value of a gifted item beyond its purchase price and create an exclusive offering which is only available from your company

Build Personal Relationships: These days people rarely meet face to face as the traditional sales call and business meetings are replaced with online ordering systems and SMS messaging. The traditional act of handing over a gft to people you know can have more impact than ever before. It doesn't take much to make an impact but you can be sure that the benefits to your brand of a well chosen promotional gift will far outweigh the cost of the program
Cost Effective Rewards: Want to reward your staff for achieving a safety target or finishing a program on time? Looking for a way to build your team and offer reward and incentive? Branded promotional items make brilliant incentives. A hundred dollar gift with a retail value of $200 can be all the motivation people need to move mountains. And all the time your logo and message is front and centre.

Retail Promotions: Everyone loves a freebie so traditional retail promotions based either on purchase and reward or lucky draw structures have a proven track record of generating sales and creating attention and excitement. Match your chosen promo item with your brand values and you have a cost effective way to motivate an reward your client base.

Cover All Marketing Bases: These days every market is heavily segmented and the gaps in traditional media mean a lot of potentially valuable sales opportunities can slip through your marketing web. There are few people out there who don't appreciate a physical gift and for those situations when a client or class of business contacts needs special attention there are few better ways to do so than using the right promotional products.

Deal With Promotional Professionals

There's no point putting your name on a substandard product or having your logo reproduced so it doesn't represent the work and effort you've put in to making it what it is today. Just like your staff and ethical behaviour represents your company to the world at large so too a promotional product branded with your logo is a roving ambassador for your brand. The temptation always exists to save money however it is no saving if you put an item in the hands of your client which does a disservice to your brand by failing to work properly or being constructed of low grade materials. Make sure your promotional merchandise campaign enhances your brand and that the products you choose continue to work for you long after the initial phases of your promotion are complete. Always deal with industry professionals who offer a guarantee that your order will be produced with due care and consideration of the long-term marketing objectives of your brand.