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Promotional Bic Pens

Promotional Bic Pens, Custom Printed & Branded

Not only are Bic still the leaders in ballpoint pen design and manufacture, they invented them! Baron Bic came up with the idea of mass producing cheap but smooth-writing pens over 60 years ago and his brand still leads the field in terms of quality. Bic promotional pens come in dozens of styles and an almost endless number of colour combinations, utilising designs and styling cues which have become part of industrial design history. Still the best branded promo pens available, Bic pens are still supplied with quality refills which last almost as long as the brand itself. We've chosen the ten best promotional Bic pens from the many on offer to make your choice easier. Call Promo10 right now on 1300 998 997 to speak with a consultant or find out more about the hundreds of other Bic pen models available