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Digital Printing - The Modern Branding Option for Promotional Products


Using Digital Printing to Custom Brand Promotional Products

In recent years advances in digital technology have fundamentally changed the print and branding industries. Originally these effects hit the offset printing industry and it's only now that the spill over has reached the promotional products industry. Where previously one colour pad printing was the industry standard these days more and more products can be branded using a full colour digital print system at a cost effective price. Not all items can be successfully marked with the existing digital print technology however as the systems in place continue to progress eventually digital branding is likely to become the standard custom marking system of the promotional products industry.


What Sort of Printing Is Possible Using Modern Digital Printing Technology?

Full colour print is one of the great advantages available using the digital process. Of course full colour printing has technically always been possible however the cost and time factors involved using screen printing or pad printing have ensured that the great majority of promotional products have been marked in only one or two colours in the past. As the digital print system applies all four ink colours required to make any final coloured image at the same time there are considerable savings in time but most of all any issues of alignment of the different colour plates is no longer a consideration with the digital print process. because of the coherence of the digital jets of ink which are projected from the ink printer head it's also possible to successfully print uneven surfaces an these surfaces which have a slight curve to them like pens and flash drives without there being a likelihood of excessive distortion of the logo and printed message.


How Does Custom Digital Printing Work?

The same technology which drives a desk top, ink jet printed drives the larger, more complex machines which custom brand promotional products. The printer heads are moved mechanically to align with a preprogrammed jigging system so that minutely timed and directed jets of four basic ink colours (magento, cyan, yellow and black) are projected through the print head nozzles and onto the product waiting to be branded. By mixing the four colours in minute variation every possible PMS colour option can be produced on the final image. While traditional screen printing or offset printing techniques require an individual pass through the press for each of these base colours with digital printing the entire saturation of ink is applied at the same time saving an enormous amount of time and also ensuring there are no issues with trapping and alignment of the individual colours which has long ben a bugbear with traditional print techniques.


Products Which are Traditionally Banded with Digital Printing

As digital technology grows and is adopted by more and more promotional print companies the extent of its reach also grows so new techniques are constantly coming on line to print items which a year or so ago could not be successfully marked using this new technology. For instance one of the first product which was successfully branded digitally was promotional t shirts. Presenting a large flat area and a medium which readily takes the projected ink, T shirts, particularly those which were printed with a complex multi-coloured image were one of the first items which were regularly digitally printed and this trend has continued. One of the other advantages of the digital process is that complex multi-coloured prints can be run in small quantities where previously the necessity of having multiple screens ensured that the set-up costs of a print job were so high that it did not make economic sense to print complex designs in small quantities. It's not just T shirts where this volume advantage has proven itself and now smaller runs of keyrings, pens, stationery, mobile phone covers and promotional bottles are regularly printed using the modern digital printing techniques.

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