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Embossing to Custom Brand Promotional Products


Using Embossing to Brand Promotional Products

Embossing is a traditional branding method which goes back many centuries. In the past it was largely reserved for use on leather products and saddles, shoes, wallets and other traditional items made of animal hides. By pressing a block carrying the pattern which the user wishes to apply against the softer animal hide with force it was discovered that the surface of the material being branded would yield to the strength of the embossing tool and would permanently hold the mark carried by the tool. Over the years the systems used to apply embossing on products have not changed particularly and embossing today is still considered to be a craft and an art form as much as it is a popular means by which custom branding is applied to promotional products.


What Sort of Branding Is Possible Using Embossing?

In times passed the craftsmen who applied embossing to saddles, boots and other personal items used a range of simple copper, brass and steel tools which carried partial elements of a complete design. the skill of the embosser was to select an manipulate the image elements in such a way that a complete picture could emerge from the individual pieces used to comprise a finished decoration. These days it is somewhat different and rather than having a range of pre-made tools which would be selected and used in conjunction to ultimately form a finished pattern the new technique sees an individual embossing block produced which carries the complete brand image which is to be applied. 

Embossing falls into two related categories, First there is traditional embossing whereby the image in question is impressed upon the surface so it leave a concave image. This is traditionally the most popular form of embossing and the fact that the surface area of the branded promotional products remains relatively flat means that the embossing is unlikely to be damaged or modified accidently. the second system which is more specialised is called debossing and it is the opposite result of traditional embossing. With a debossed mage the branding is raised above its surrounds. Generally this is caused by striking the back of the substrate with the embossing tool rather than pushing down from the front though this is of course not always possible and the availability of debossing is heavily dependant on the way in which the promotional product in question has been constructed


How Does Custom Embossing Work?

Embossing is a simple mechanical system. In any case that's how it appears to the casual observer. A metal block which carries the logo or other image is impressed against the surface of the product so it compresses the material and leaves a permanent mark. The most complex part of this process is the production of the embossing block which is generally cut from a piece of mild steel. The final application of the branding is performed by a specialist as hitting the block too hard or too softly can lead to an second rate result. Again a second strike can cause fuzziness or an inferior result so the embossing expert must be confident in his skills, particularly as this system of branding is often used on high-end items such as compendiums and leather goods which could easily be spoiled if the emboss is not applied in the correct manner.


Products Which are Traditionally Embossed

Leather products are often embossed though these days there is a lot more pad printing, screen printing and even laser engraving of these items. Embossing is a labour intensive expensive option because the production of the block is relatively costly compared to the cheaper set-up requirements of competitive branding techniques. Compendiums, wallets and portfolios are still regularly embossed and in these cases it is still the best option if you are after a subtle and classy look for the final promotional product. Some modern materials like vinyl and PVC are also effectively embossed in some situation however the common element between all of these modern synthetics is that they imitate leather. If your company is looking for a classic way of applying a subtle brand or the individual names of staff members custom embossing is an ideal way to mark your promotional products.

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