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Embroidery - The Proven System of Custom Branding Garments and Headwear


Using Embroidery to Custom Brand Promotional Products

Embroidery in one form or another has existed for thousands of years. these days with modern technology an embroidery machine is able to apply an image at a sped faster than the eye can see, however the principle of custom embroidery remains much the same as it ever has. A coloured thread is applied with a needle over an existing fabric material. In the promotional products industry embroidery is generally used on clothing however it can be successfully applied to almost any type of fabric as long as the jig in which the garment is set can be applied and then installed in the embroidery machine. While much of the process of embroidery is automated these days there is still a considerable skill in determining what the path of the needle should be and ensuring that the individual stitches are of the optimal length and tension. Many poor examples of embroidery are caused by simple mistakes in designing the thread path so it is always important to trust the process of custom embroidery branding to a recognised expert in the field.


How Does Embroidery Work?

While in the past each stitch was applied by hand and the art of embroidery was as much about the texture which was produced as the final image, these days the systems are automated and large machines complete complex embroidery works in only a short time. One of the great advantages of the embroidery system is that there are no limits to the number of colours which can be shown in the custom branding unlike other promotional printing systems. It's the number of stitches which are important in calculating the cost of embroidery so multiple thread colours in a design should not be of concern and indeed this is why embroidery is popular with fashion industry and is a standard system of marking garments. To ensure quality embroidery a tape is first made which uses a simple guidance system to move the embroidery head across the surface of the item being branded. Once the machine is set up and the tape and garment are in place the work of the operator is principally about removing completed articles of clothing and replacing them with new ones.


Promotional Products Which are Traditionally Embroidered 

Garments such as polo shirts and jackets are the most commonly embroidered items, though baseball caps are also high on the list. Polo shirts which are worn as company uniforms are very popular items and the subtle embroidery of a company logo on the breast is standard in the promotional products industry. One thing's for sure, and that is if you have a colourful logo which you want reproduced custom embroidery is a great option as not only does it have a full colour reproduction of your artwork it adds texture and interest to any garment to which it is applied. As always with most systems of promotional branding the essential decision is to give the job to an embroiderer with many years of experience as much can change depending on the way in which the embroidery is laid out. Here at Promo10 we use only Australia's best embroidery company and they don't scrimp on the number of stitches used so the final reproduction of your logo is the best possible.

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