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Laser Engraving - The The Long Lasting Branding Option for Promotional Products


Using Laser Engraving to Customise Promotional Products

In the olden days hand engraving was a skill which took people a lifetime to master. A master engraver was a skilled craftsman and a team of engravers could spend days on a single item ensuring every flourish and letter of the design was applied in the most appropriate manner. Even though expert craftsmen applied the engraving every time the same image as applied to a metal surface it would likely appear with minor variations. Also the danger that a product could be ruined by one small slip was ever present, and this was particularly critical when rare items made of precious metals were in play. The invention of laser engraving in the second half of the 20th century brought the many advantages of engraving to a wider audience and opened up the possibility of offering the exclusive and long-lasting branding technique to a everyone, not just those who could afford the services of a skilled exponent of the engraving art.


How Does Screen Printing Work?

A laser is a concentrated stream of photons, or light if you will which is focussed so few of the photons are outside the coherent beam. This lack of fuzziness ensures that the final laser engraved image is both accurate and efficiently applied with little or no visible overflow or distortion of the artwork. The laser beam can be focussed and intensified to cut deeply into the surface being engraved or it can merely remove a thin layer, depending on the requirements of the artwork and the product on which the branding is being applied. In the case of a metal pen, for instance, which is one of the most commonly laser engraved classes of promotional product the pen is placed in a shaped jig and the laser device passes mechanically over a field of pens all placed in specific positions recognised by the engraving machine. A well designed engraving system can work quickly and accurately automatically so the operator can go about other tasks or prepare the next batch of product on a second jig.


What Sort of Branding Is Possible Using Laser Engraving Technology?

Besides it's accuracy and ability to provide a long lasting brand on items which get rugged an regular use another of the advantage sof laser engraving technology is the great flexibility possible in varying the power and angle at which the laser is applied to the substrate surface being branded. Almost any product can be laser engraved by varying the amount of light being used. For instance many people have found that timber products and fabric can have brand applied in a stylish way as long as the set-up of the laser is appropriate. The limits on the use of the laser are primarily the difficulty of getting some products to sit in the jigs or indeed fit in the containment areas in which laser engravers often operate. Depending on the coating of the metals being engraved a variety of toxic gasses can be produced so it is essential that any room in which laser engraving is taking place is well ventilated and that only trained operators are in charge of the machines.


Promotional Products Which are Traditionally Branded with Laser Engraving

Metal items are the most common products for which laser engraving is utilised. Pens, flash drives, gift tins and travel mugs which get constant use are also effectively branded using this technique. Keyrings too are popular with laser engraving and the long-lasting results achieved with the laser branding are in evidence where products get regular use which will inevitably chip or scratch traditional systems of printing. While laser engraving can sometimes look subtle and cannot carry multiple colours as a way to put your mark on items which will have a long service life there is no better system of promotional branding.

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