Offering gifts of wine to clients and business contacts is a proven way to say "thank you" and get their attention. While people may spend a lot of money on the right bottle of wine which they suspect will appeal to their business contact often the difficulty comes in working out a cost effective way to package the bottle so the quality of the gift is enhanced. Some people might report to traditional forms of gift packaging like wrapping paper and ribbons but the best way to enhance a wine gift is to offer a branded promotional wine bag to your gift.

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The advantages of using a custom printed wine bag to enhance the gift of a bottle of wine are manifold. For a start you are unable to add your own prominent branding to an existing bottle of wine without damaging the label or replacing it and because the label is a critical part of the value of the wine gift in the first place it would be a mistake to modify it as it would most likely reduce the apparent value. If you present your gift in a wine bag which comes complete with your custom branding you get the best of both worlds and your client will not have any problems identifying who it was that gave them the gift of wine in the first place.

Once the process of handing over the gift is complete a promotional wine bag has the advantage of being able to be used afterwards as a wine tote. This means your gift has a life beyond the single sitting consumption of a bottle of wine and that your clients or business associates are likely to keep using the products and as a result calling your name and contact details. Not only that but because the product will likely be carried about in public there is a good chance your branding will be visible to people beyond those involved in the original gift transaction.

Everyone knows that the quality of the gift you offer includes the packaging it comes with and while a promotional gift bag is a great way to enhance the value of a bottle of wine you're giving away to one of your contacts the wine bags have great value on their own and are valued beyond their use as gift wrapping or packaging. For instance a good quality leather wine carrier, like the style seen, here, is a perfect gift for the wine lover, particularly if they also enjoy eating out and are likely to take their own wine with them. The likelihood that your wine bag gift will continue to be used for years to come and will be emotionally associated with something which gives people great pleasure is exactly the sort of strategy which leads to promotional success.

Whether it's a cheap wine bag to hold a "thank you" bottle of red wine or a classy leather style carrier which people will use for many years to come there are dozens of styles of promotional wine bags available. As always the best ten styles are available here at and each model on display is a proven promotional winner.