Even in this new electronic age there is still need for keyrings. the basic lock and key technology which has been with us for centuries continues to be part of all of our daily lives. We all need keys and a keyring is the most practical means of keeping these important devices together as we know losing a key can be an enormously frustrating experience. The importance of keys in the daily lives of most people is a reason that promotional keyrings are a proven success story in the world of promotional marketing.

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Not only are keyrings popular promotional products because of their practical uses the main advantage they have is the fact that people always keep them on hand. Wherever they go every day people would be lost without a keyring so it makes sense for the canny marketer to take advantage of this natural attribute of the majority of people with whom you do business. because keyrings are also considered to be fashion items by many people and that their appearance is important it also makes sense to spend some time looking through the options and enquiring as to the best means by which your promotional keyring order can be branded. Keyrings can get a lot of rough wear and tear in their daily lives. The metal keys which the hold and the likelihood of being kept in a handbag or pocket at close proximity to a range of other items which can potentially scratch and scrape away print branding is the reason a lot of people prefer to order metal keyring (see range, here) and have them laser engraved. This way you have the practical advantage which a keyring traditionally offers with no chance of your branding being lost over the lifetime of the keyring. You can then rest assured that your investment in promotional keyrings will continue to promote your brand for years to come.

While metal keyrings have many advantages in terms of longevity and the premium look they present to recipients a cheaper option, plastic keyrings (see range, here), has advantages, too. For a start multicolour custom digital printing is available on many models these days and combined with a double-sided print you are sure that your logo and company livery can be seen in its full majesty. And of course keyrings have multiple uses beyond storing keys. As membership tags for clubs and gyms, or as markets or devices to attach to luggage a promotional keyring has a number of uses which make it an ideal way to promote your brand.

Next time your company is looking for promotional products which will engage clients and deliver a value for money branding experience remember its hard to go past promotional keyrings. Everyone out there needs a keyring and spending a little extra money and time with your design can make all the difference between having a keyring people use and cherish and an item which is thrown straight into the bottom draw. If you have any queries or questions about selecting the right promotional keyring and the branding requirements don't hesitate to contact the Promo10 team.