The objective of every marketer, regardless of the industry in which the operate is to find means by which to promote their business which are both cost effective and brand enhancing. It has been proven many times over the years that promotional products are an idea way in which to achieve these dual aims, the difficulty as always being sorting through the vast range of product available to find those which work best. While it's difficult to find promotional merchandise ideas which work across the board for everyone there are certainly items which are best suited to specific industries and which return best on any investment made. Read ahead to find out which products were the most cost effective in 2016 and the predictions as to which will be the best options for the forthcoming year.

It may sound like an over simplification but 2016 was almost a case of back to the future in the world of promotional marketing. Simple items like promotional keyrings and flashlights proved their effectiveness as they have in previous years. While so much attention is paid these days to the wonders of online marketing and ways in which companies can seek out new business using the new virtual world which expands in influence every year the essential appeal of real products placed in the right hand seems to have continued to grow in popularity as face to face business interaction becomes all the rarer in the average business day. The conundrum for promotional marketers is that while business itself is a matter of relationships and mutual benefit the trends of business activity are for less interpersonal activity and for more of our business dealings to be handled remotely. Perhaps it is this trend which has seen the enhanced effectiveness of traditional promotional offerings as the act of delivering a physical product along with your company's good wishes standout even more than they have in the past now that so little face time is involved in the average business day.

Think about the last time you were actually handed a gift by a business supplier. In the old day when reps were constantly on the road and visited as regularly as clockwork, these days most of the ordering and product specification information which companies seek is delivered by means of email or website data. It was a standard of business activity that people handed out lavish Christmas gifts to both their clients and their staff. These days, because people see each other so little during the business day and because of the general downward trend in business confidence over the last decade companies have not felt the need to offer gifts as a standard practise which used to be the case, instead the accounts department has made the decision that money should be shaved and there is no longer a need to enhance existing business relationships with an end of year personal gift. Even something as simple as mailing out a Christmas card has become a rarity these days as the online world takes over where personal interaction used to keep us all emotionally engaged.

While this unfortunate trend seems to be the way of new business activity there is as always an opportunity to be found within. If you are the one out of the hundred who maintains the tradition of end of season gift giving your humble offering will be elevated to the status of a shining jewel in the eye of the receiver. While everyone else is backing away from enhancing their personal business relationships with gifts you can accelerate the development of your interpersonal contacts by simply maintaining your strategy of corporate gifting.