One of the most popular styles of promotional product available is promotional baseball caps. Caps have dozens of advantage which have made them so popular with the general public and marketers alike. Not only are baseball caps great value fro the promotional marketer but their high level of usability and large scale, high visibility branding is also a reason that they have continued to be popular across the generations. Consider next time you're watching almost any sporting event (not just baseball) and study the appearance of the sports stars as they are interviewed after the game. You'll find that many of the companies which spend millions on sports sponsorships insist the team players wear a customised baseball cap when being interviewed by the media. This is because the highly visible branding leaves nobody guessing as to which corporate entity is sponsoring the players and their team.

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Baseball caps are popular because like printed t shirts (see the range, here) they are one of the few items in the world which actually look better with the custom logo or a company added with either printing or embroidery. The right company logo on the front of a baseball cap not only makes it into a powerful advertising medium which will be seen by anyone who walks past but can also become a valuable fashion item. If you are able to stylishly brand your baseball cap with a variation on your logo you have achieved an important milestone in marketing by crossing over the line and making your company livery into a must-have clothing accessory.

When somebody wears your logo it is not just a matter of having it seen by the general public it becomes a case of them effectively offering a personal endorsement of your brand. Obviously if you can get somebody newsworthy or in the public eye to wear your baseball cap, so much the better, however even offering them to anonymous members of the public at the right newsworthy event is a proven way to make your logo and contact details go viral. If your company is involved with a sports sponsorship or even if you are fielding a team at a community event or a fun run make sure everyone is kitted out with a promotional baseball cap as the likelihood is if there is press coverage and the media is nearby there is a very good chance any photography which takes place will feature your logo.

If your company has a uniform, polo shirts or other customised garments which the staff wear it makes sense to add a baseball cap to the mix. The reasons explained above outline the many advantages baseball caps have in marketing terms but also it is hard to look past their practical value in protecting the wearer from the sun and providing protection from the worst aspects of the weather. Branded in large scale with custom embroidery there are few better promotional products available for the money and none which have the all round advantages which caps offer.