It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the value of shoelaces but or many people in the world of marketing the idea of sourcing custom branded shoelaces is something which has never crossed their minds. But for a lot of reasons and in many different sponsorship and sales event programs promotional shoelaces are a proven way to attract attention, reward those showing interest in your offerings while providing a worthwhile gift which can continue to remind people of your business interactions for years to come.

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One of the best ways in which to use promotional shoelaces as promotional items is to give them away if you are sponsoring an outdoor event. A walkathon or sporting sponsorship is all about exercise and outdoor activity and this always means the right sort of footwear is required. If you can offer a pair of custom printed shoelaces to everyone who is attending the event an persuade them to swap them for the existing shoelaces they have on their running or walking shoes you instantly have an across-the-board connection between all attendees and your brand. It might not sound like much but having everyone wearing your corporate colours will certainly standout and it will be obvious to attendees that your sponsorship offering is the element which ties the whole event together.

One of the great advantages of offering custom printed shoelaces to clients, business contacts and event attendees is that fact that this promotional offering has a use and a life long after the specific event at which they are handed out is complete. People will continue to make use of their shoelaces long after you have provided them and for years to come they will be walking the streets with your branding on display. This is the holy grail of promotional marketing and there is no doubt that a product which has years of practical use ahead of it will drastically reduce the cost per view of your promotional product investment.

The fact so many colours and different shoelaces styles are available is also another reason to take this class of promotional merchandise seriously. Custom shoelaces can be printed using a sublimation process so a full colour reproduction of your artwork can be applied to each lace. Otherwise you can choose from dozens of different off the shelf colours and overprint with your screen print design to make things simpler and reduce the overall unit cost.

When you're looking to order promotional products it pays to think ahead over the whole life-span and usability of the product. This is why Custom shoelaces are one of the best items available. Not only do they make a great splash on they day at your sponsorship or event but they exist long into the future, keeping your brand top of mind for both the person wearing them and others who sight them in the streets.