The objective of all promotional products marketing is to make the most of the branding and sales opportunities which flow from adding your logo to a custom product. This can mean that you simply print your phone number on a cheap plastic pen, all the way through to having custom made promotional products produced which are unique to your company and say something exclusively about your brand.

You can see the complete range of promotional air fresheners available, here.

This is why a lot of companies see the value in promotional car air fresheners. Not only are the highly effective items which find a regular place in a highly visible position in a car or truck cabin, they are also practical, freshening the air and adding a subtle fragrance to the vehicle interior. A cheap and effective promotional gift an air freshener is all about branding and because it can be customised in shape, colour and fragrance it gives a clever marketer the opportunity to [produce a memorable and practical item at an extremely low price.

Say for instance you have a fast food restaurant with a drive thru service window. By having a custom car air freshener produced which you hand out to the clients who utilise the driver through service you have the opportunity to create a product which visually reflects the products you offer the market. It could for instance be produced in the shape of a hamburger or a bag of french fries and further with full colour printing it can be manufactured to look almost exactly like a two dimensional representation of the products on offer through the service window. But then the additional dimension of air fresheners allows you to take this custom idea to a completely different level. By adding the fragrance of wafting coked fries or hamburger you not only offer a visual cue to the driver but also play off their sense of smell in your attempt to influence their attention and interest in making another visit to the retail outlet.

Of course you can also produce a simpler promotional air freshener which simply performs the task of keeping the cabin of the recipient's vehicle smelling fresh. For this purpose there are dozens of different fragrances available which will sooth and enhance the experience of driver and passenger. Because each of the air freshener products available are also packed in an air-tight plastic sleeve the fragrance does not dissipate quickly and you will be able to hand out your promotional air fresheners for many months into the future assured that they continue to do their fragrant best to enhance the driving experience of the people to whom they are gifted.

Size, shape, fragrance and one or two sided print are all options which can come together to produce a custom promotional air freshener for your company. To learn more about the range of products available call Promo10 any time and speak to a promotional consultant about what style best suits your planned promotional activity.