In the Australian climate protection from the worst ravages of the sun and drying wind are essential, particularly if you are responsible for the wellbeing of a number of attendees at an outdoor event or sponsorship. While there are a number of traditional headwear styles (see our range, here) which can be utilised and have high visibility branding styles promotional bandanas are not only highly effective but they are also great value.

You can see the bandana style available, here.  

These days people are wary of going out in the sun for an extended period without protection so if you are planning to be involved in something outdoors or are sending your staff outside where they may have to stand in the sun an item bike a bandana is a great way to offer them an interesting gift while also making sure your branding is highly visible. because custom bandanas are printed to order and carry large-scale branding, which in most cases covers the whole available surface area of each unit you can be sure that when you hand out promotional bandanas you'll get a great promotional return on your money.

Consider also that there is a range of different bandana styles available which allow you to match your budget with your promotional objectives. The most commonly requested bandana style is one made of cotton, however polyester styles are cheaper and in many cases people don;t notice the difference between the different fabric types. Because a bandana can be worn as a head-scarf, or around the neck, or indeed used as a kerchief which is kept in the pocket to wipe away perspiration or to keep your hands dry when working selecting the right style depending on the intended use if important and needs consideration of the recipient needs and the budget available for the gifting campaign.

Say for instance your company is planning to host an outdoor event to support a local sporting team with which you are involved. Maximising your promotional return on the money invested in the sponsorship is something every marketer should be concerned with, even more so if you are a small company and the budgets involved constitute a significant amount of your marketing capital. Adding that small extra to the mix, of ordering promotional bandanas is a great way to increase the visibility of your involvement. Imagine for instance that the supporters in the grandstand are each given one of your customised bandanas and wear them together. The effect will be obvious to everyone in the ground and your involvement with the team will be plain to see. Should the local media cover the event it will be your bandanas which generate attention and enquiry for your brand.

Because each promotional bandana is supplied in individual polybag packaging they are also easy to store and distribute, whether that is in person or by mail. This is a major consideration in assessing the promotional viability of a particular product class as often the cost of handling, storing and distributing a promotional product is beyond the cost of sourcing the original itemm. With a bandana this is not the case and you'l find that the right product lasts for years and can be kept on hand for the time they are needed.