Over the last decade promotional flash drives have become one of the most popular promotional products ordered by marketing organisations around the world. There are many reasons why flash drives tick all the promotional boxes and these days as the cost of each unit continues to fall while the memory capacity on offer continues to increase there are more reasons than ever to add promotional flash drives to your merchandise list.

You can see the range of plastic cased promotional flash drives, here.

We live in an era where business data is the bread and butter of daily business life. This can be either catalogues of products or just raw data on client lists and orders. In either case a flash drive is the perfect way in which to store and access data not only taking up a small space so they can be carried anywhere and stored in bulk, but the other advantage is the reliability of flash memory as a means of storing data and the speed with which the data can be accessed and transferred. With a ten year data retention warranty as standard you can be sure any information entered to your custom branded flash drives will remain uncorrupted and will give you the opportunity to review the data for many years to come without any need for backup or energy input.

You can see the range of metal cased promotional flash drives, here.

Promotional marketing is all about enhancing your brand so if you are able to find the right style of flash drive which says something about your company and your product or service offerings. Most models available for promotional activity are designed to allow high level custom branding on each drive. One of the other great advantages which flash drives offer in terms of branding is the fact they carry high quality, multi-colour printing which is generally supplied at a price far lower than it would cost for other items as the organisations which provide the printed drives. Long-lasting branding which is highly visible is the basic requirement of any quality promotional item and in this respect flash drives continue to carry some of the most powerful branding as a percentage of their overall surface area of any promotional offering.

Because it is also possible to upload data a to a promotional flash drive at the point of manufacture there are many ways you can effectively double the value of your promotional gift. Not only is it possible to provide valuable data such as catalogues, audio files and mailing lists on the flash drive when it's first handed over the fact that the item can continue to be used afterwards and people can store their own data on the flash drive increases the apparent value and likelihood that your client will appreciate the flash drive offering all the more. These days a 2GB or 4Gb flash drive is the norm while only a few years ago a 124MB item was considered to have major capacity. With the massive increase in flash drive capacity we have seen in recent years while there has been little increase in unit cost promotional flash drives have proven to be one of the most cost effective promotional items available for the 21st century marketer.