Next time you are watching one of our political leaders on TV take a close look at the lapel of the jacket the individual is wearing. Chances are you'll see a custom lapel pin which features a national flag or the emblem of a community organisation whose annual day in the spotlight has come 'round again. The subtle branding which is provided by wearing a custom lapel pin is the reason they are one of the most popular promotional items available and the fact that from large companies through to the most humble community organisations lap-el pins made to order are a proven way of rewarding supporters and reminding people of your objectives and achievements..

There are a number of reasons that lapel pins have stood the test of time. First, the fact that having a custom lapel pin produced which features your company logo or a graphic design which says something important about your mission or objectives is a cost effective exercise. Ordering pins in bulk means they can be delivered for under a dollar a piece which makes them an ideal way to raise funds by selling them, and as a way to reward donors and supporters as they are not going to break the bank of even the most financially constrained organisation. If you're looking for a way to reward guests, visitors or occasionally hand out a meaningful gift to people having a stock of custom made pins on hand is not going to cause financial ructions within your company or community organisation. You can see the ten best custom made lapel pin options availble, here.

Exclusivity is also an important factor in choosing the right promotional products. When you have a custom lapel pin produced it is obviously an item which is available only from your organisation. If it is designed the right way and represents your brand values accurately it can effectively become a badge of awareness or even a piece of jewellery. As a cost effective way to say "thank you" to supporters or give a lasting memento of a visit to your factory or workplace. The fact that the lapel pin your offer is available only from you can be leveraged as a badge of exclusivity to further enhance the value of the pin you offer as a gift..

The wide range of promotional lapel pin styles which are available is also a good reason to acknowledge the value they offer. From cheap custom made plastic lapel pins through to hard enamel lapel pins which last a life time and are guaranteed to be colourfast for over 100 years the range of pin styles available ensure there is something for every purpose and every budget. While most lapel pins are made from a soft metal which is either stamped or cast to your preferred shape the colouring added can vary depending on the end use and the available production budget..

Next time your company or community organisation is sizing up the promotional budget make sure you leave a little room there for custom made lapel pins. As an item which can just sit in the cupboard for years until they are required lapel pins are hard to beat. There are dozens of ways in which they can be used to attract attention, reward staff and say "thank you " to supporters that it won't take long for you to find a use for your order. While lapel pins are considered by some to be items of jewellery they are in reality a popular and effective promotional product which last for years and subtly carry your company branding to the world at large.