Who in business has not at some time had their hands on a promotional mug. Not only do companies order them for internal use by staff and visitors but over the years the promotional mug complete with printed logo has become one of the most popular and pervasive pieces of promotional merchandise ever devised. The fact that during the day most of us are inclined to consume a hot beverage of one kind or another is one of the main reasons that the promo mug continues to be amongst the most popular lines in the industry.

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If you ever watch breakfast TV the wide awake hosts are always seated at their desk with branded mugs carrying the logo  and call sign of the station on which they appear. The logo on each mug stands out clearly and is a perfect example of the reason that promotional mugs continue to be purchased in large numbers by marketers. Not only are you giving your business contacts a promotional product which has a practical purpose which recipients will find useful daily, you also ensure that your branding is unmissable.

The third reason for ordering promotional mugs is the position in an office they achieve. More often than not your logo when applied to a custom printed mug will find its place on a desk where it can be seen by all staff members who pass by. Any promotional gift which can become a part of the daily life of the office of your clients is one which will continue to sell for you into the future.

It doesn't require a lot of inside information to understand the value that promotional mugs have for merchandise marketing. Like all branded merchandise investments you should be looking for something which carries your branding well and makes a positive contribution to the day of the recipient. In all respects promotional coffee mugs are a proven offering which will continue to be a great investment as long as people consume hot beverages.