In promotional marketing the successful promoter is always looking to balance the costs with the return. Part of every promotional products campaign is brand enhancement so a product which both promotes an offer and enhances the visibility an recognition of your brand is a product which should be considered seriously. That's why promotional air fresheners are one of the most popular items on offer these days and a quick assessment of the many attributes these branded items hold will confirm that they have value for many businesses and organisations which are looking for a low-cost way to reward associates, clients and other business contacts.

The range of custom made air fresheners includes a number of different styles which extend the value of the item. Of course a custom printed air freshener has great value in providing a soothing fragrance for the vehicle i which it is placed but more that that styles which include a scratch and win lottery panel or spin in the circulating air further enhance the promotional value of the offering. As promotional marketing is all about attracting attention to your products and service offerings any way in which one of these proven promotional performers can increase consumer attention is a good thing.

Consideration should also always be given to how your promotional materials are going to be distributed. One of the great advantages of car air fresheners as promotional items is that they are easily handed-out or mailed to contacts in a simple envelope. It would be a mistake to look for promotional products which cost more to handle and distribute than the initial cost of purchase and in this case air fresheners can be slipped into an envelope in which an account is being posted or just handed out face to face by sales staff or at a trade show.

One of the great advantages in promotional marketing is the opportunity to tailor a product to meet your precise needs and uniquely promote your brand. A custom shape air freshener is an ideal way to met these requirements. Not only can they be produced in any shape which can reflect the shape our silhouette of one of your products or even your place of business, your can have your choice of the many fragrances available so the impact of your promotional activity is extended across two sensory inputs, sight and smell. In the case of companies which are in the food business it is also possible to have a fragrance mixed which reflects the scent of your products so it can act as a powerful prompt to purchase and consumer engagement.

Of course one of the great advantages of the custom car air freshener is the way in which it hangs from the rear vision mirror in the cabin of a vehicle. It is hard to miss for the occupants of the car or truck but at the same time people walking past the parked vehicle or sitting nearby in traffic are also likely to see the branding. If you get the shape right and make your final design engaging and entertaining the positive values for your brand will increase in multiples of the cost of production.

Next time you;re considering making an interesting offer to your staff and business contacts consider that custom promotional air fresheners are a proven promotional performer which can be ordered and delivered for less than a dollar per unit and will likely find a prominent place in the daily lives of your clients.