Next time you're out in a retail space or on the streets and looking for advice on directions take a moment to consider the important of custom badges in identifying and introducing the people you seek out for advice and guidance. Custom made badges are used for a number of reasons, all of which are in line with the objectives of a successful promotional marketing campaign. As a way to distinguish members of a select group, a cost effective way to reward staff and supporters of a community organisation or simply as a stylish fashion item promotional badges, custom made to suit your requirements are a proven way to produce a cost-effective giveaway or gift which is unique to your company.

You can see the complete range of promotional badges, here.

One of the primary requirements of a successful promotional products campaign is that you provide a product people will bond with and wish to have as part of their daily lives. While a custom made badge may not be something that people will want to wear every day the longevity and flexibility badges offer as unique fashion items can ensure that your relatively small investment in custom made badges can lead to many years of brand awareness and promotion from a single marketing expenditure. For instance, if you are part of a community group or charity there are few better ways to reward members of your organisation than to offer them custom made badges. Not only does a custom badge which is only available from you make a very cost effective gift even better it comes with an aura of exclusivity as it is only available from you.

Another great advantage in having your own custom promotional badges made is that there are many different styles which allow you to select from a range of options which suit your budget and the final end use to which you plan to put the badges you order. For instance if you're looking for a premium badge style, the best option might be to go with a hard enamel finish (see hard enamel badge, here). Made of a coloured mineral which effectively melts and turns into a glass-like substance when fired in the kiln these badges are also known as cloisonne and make the perfect premium gift for those organisations which still have to be considerate of their budgets. At the same time soft enamel badges can also be manufactured which to the untrained eye appear to much the same as the premium option. Again anyone who receives one of these cheaper badge styles will still be delighted and understand that regardless of the cost of production the gift they have received is exclusively available from your organisation. A custom made soft enamel badge style is available, here.

Badges have been used for centuries as a way to identify people in authority and as a simple symbol of levels of personal achievement and involvement. Making a custom badge of your logo or other element of your livery seems like a daunting task however by simply contacting Promo10 and briefing our promotional design department you can be sure you'l get a great quality product with none of the hassle usually involved in organising custom manufacture.