Recent research conducted by the promotional product professionals at PPAI reveal some very telling details about the significance of different promotional product categories in terms of their value for money and the lasting effect they have on consumer perceptions. It's no great surprise opt those of us who work in the promotional industry that promotional bags are considered to be amongst the best value items available. Below are listed a number of the reasons why promo bags, imprinted or embroidered with your logo should be first and foremost on your mind when considering where to make your promotional investment.

Large Scale Branding: First, promotional bags offer a great branding opportunity for any company wanting to get their logo out into the public where it is more visible. A bag offers a large branding area and by choosing the right style you can accentuate the elements of your brand which you want people to remember. Also, because most promotional ranges include multiple colour options for the same style you can chose a bag which highlights your branding and makes a fashion statement at the same time.

Practicality: Because everyone needs a bag at some time the likelihood that your promo bag offering will continue to be used is higher than it is with many other classes of promo item. Say for instance you decide to hand out cotton bags to your clients. These can double up after their initial use as shopping bags of even gym bags. People also give them to their kids so they can use them to carry stuff to school or hold their sports hgear. Any way they are used it's not only an environmentally friendly solution to have each item used multiple times, you can be sure that every time your bag is sen in public more and more people become aware of your brand and the offerings of your company.

First Use Utility: When you hand out a bag it is often with a specific initial use in mind. For instance people hand out satchels at conferences which hold all the printed materials and speaker notes which an attendee will require to make the most of their attendance. So the fact you are handing people an item which has a high branding visibility is enhanced by the fact that your offering has real value at the moment of receipt. This makes sure people will value the gift when it is received and most likely keep it close and continue to use it in to the future once it becomes something to which they form an emotional attachment.

If your company is looking around for the right promotional ideas to make the most of your budgets it's hard to go past promotional bags. As always here at Promo10 we offer the ten best styles in every category along with the best service and promotional advice. Once you have made an allocation of your budget and decided that a good quality promotional nag is something which will enhance your brand values. contact us here and speak to an expert consultant about the style which best suits your marketing needs.