Successful marketing is about return on investment. Anyone could generate sales figures of a certain level if there was an unlimited marketing budget, the real point to marketing activity is to generate more margin than is spent on promotion. A successful strategy which continues to return above the level of investment over a period of time is a recipe for business success.

Many companies have found that promotional products are amongst the most valuable marketing tools available. Products like promotional pens not only have a prctical use, they are also a cost effective gift item. Considered as a whole an investment in branded merchandise has a number of long and short term implications for a brand including emphasising or fortification of brand reputation and increasing regularity of purchase. Here are a few well proven ways in which a personal gift item carrying company branding details can generate additional sales and profitability for any organisation.

Gift With Purchase Premium Offer

At retail point of sale one of the traditional ways in which branded products are used is to increase the apparent value of an offering. Say for instance a company is selling tyres and wants to increase the volume of sales over a specific calendar month. If the tyre company were to offer "$50 off" when a consumer purchased a set of four tyres a calculation would have to be made as to the overall profit situation for the company based on different percentage levels of uptake. Certainly the level of gross margin would fall by $50 relative to a time in which the offer was not available. Obviously the intent is to draw forward sales from the future or switch clients from a competitive brand and therefore such an offer can be an effective way to attract new clients and increase the expenditure of those who already exist.

Consider the alternative of offering a promotional item as the headline in this retail offer. Instead of giving $50 to the clients a successfully geared premium offer would be structured to offer a product which has natural associations with tyres and most importantly, has a far higher apparent value than its actual cost. One successful example of this was a promotion conducted by a retail tyre company. Instead of discounting the tyres at the end of the financial year they offered the "gift" of a fishing rod and small tackle box complete with tackle. By buying in bulk the fishing sets landed in the warehouse at less than $25 a set, complete with branding which emphasised the tyre company logo and contact details. As the retail value of the fishing kit was over $100, this was emphasised in the point of sale advertising. The headline then read "Get a FREE fishing kit worth $125 with every set of tyres". It was no surprise when this offer beat previous offers hands down.

And the great thing about running a value-add promotion like this? The branding on the gifts is still out there working for you for years to come. Not only have you rewarded a customer for their loyalty or decision to switch brands, you have also established a personal connection with them.

Personal Promotional Gifts

Business, like most of our experience of life, is about the relationships we form with others. Often in business the personal relationships which underpin our success in business are neglected in favour of an assessment of the ledger. Branded promotional products are an ideal way to increase the personal marketing spectrum of any organisation. You can see a range of personal gift items on this page, any of which would be gratefully received by a client or long-term business contact. Often it's considered questionable to make personal gifts to those with whom we do business, however the results are proven. While organisations spend millions of dollars trying to attract new enquiries from the general market a small investment with those you are already doing business can often be the best approach.